Winter/Spring Classes Annouced Introducing: Semester Passes!

New Year, New Classes!

For the first time, we are now offering Semester Passes! Buy a semester pass, and you get all 4 classes for the price of 3.  

We are so excited to announce our newest edition to the VIM family: Broadswords! We have a whole new set of practice broadswords. This has been one of our most requested classes!  Sword work is so important for every fighter.  Not only does it help teach you techniques that will  improve your unarmed skill, not only does it look super cool, but it also helps get you comfortable for when a blade appears on set or stage.  It’s such a common fear! We’ve all cut ourselves cooking, we all know what that feels like.  Getting used to fighting with a large, blunt blade in class is the perfect way to make sure that you are comfortable next time one is in the script.  

This session, our classes will be at the Toronto Dance Theatre, 80 Winchester Ave, Toronto, ON.  All classes will take place Wednesday, 6pm-9pm.  See the schedule below for further details.  

Feb 13th- Broadsword– Jamie Treschak 

It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s in every period drama.  

****Space is extremely limited due to weapon size****


Feb 27th- Unarmed with Neil Adams

Instructor Neil Adams is back with his favourite, and your favourite, class.


March 13th- Single Sword with Julia Porter

The perfect class for beginners and experts a like. Brush up on your parries, and strikes.  These skills can be transferred to every other weapon system.

April 24th- Neil Adams, Weapon System TBA 

This will be your chance to prep for the annual ADC Intensive! What weapon system do you want to get ready before you train with Canada’s ADC Fight Masters? 


Want to read up?  We have copies of Acted Aggression by Dr. Kara Wooten, available in our online store.  Order it, and pick it up at your next class!

Announcing: Corporate Workshops

Violence in Motion is excited to announce we are now offering Corporate Team Building Workshops.

Do you want to provide an unforgettable team building experience for your company? Our instructors will have you away from your desks working as a team, building trust, using active listening, communication, and countless other transferable skills while feeling like Action Stars! Our corporate team building workshops are affordable, interactive, flexible, and fun. Break out of the board room, get on your feet, and build long-term benefits for your team!

Our core belief is that “the fight is not important.” What we do find important is the story. Whether that story be on stage, on film — or even in the boardroom. Since moving full-time to the corporate world, Jamie Treschak (Treschak Enterprises and Co-Founder of Violence in Motion,) has been relying on the skills he mastered while working as a professional fight director and stunt performer.  Along with his partners at Violence in Motion he is now sharing these transferable skills to help your team break away from the cubical, and begin to work together, always making each other and your company look like a star.

No prior Martial Arts experience necessary! Violence in Motion runs physical workshops, but we have the ability to accommodate all body types, injuries, and specific physical needs. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. Based in Toronto, Ontario. However, we are able to travel and can book sessions at your headquarters if the work space will accommodate. If not, we will arrange a location with one of our partners to suit your needs.

After completing this workshop, you and your team will have an expanded grasp on the importance of staying on brand and supporting your teammates. Mutual respect, trust, listening, and communication, among other transferable skills, will all be strengthened while learning an active new skill.

Contact Brianna Love, Violence in Motion Booking Coordinator, to create a fully-customizable, action-packed workshop for you and your team. We look forward to hearing from you!

(416) 530-0080